The Mass which was presided over by the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. C. V. C. Onaga started by 10.00am in the magnificent church building. In his welcome address, the Bishop welcomed everyone and expressed his joy and called the people of St. Theresa Umuavulu-Abor blessed for starting the new year (according to the church calendar) with the special event of the Bishop pastoral visit dedication of the church building.

To demonstrate their willingness for the church to be dedicated, the parish pastoral council handed over the church key to the Bishop who in turn handed the key over to the parish priest, Rev. Msgr. Christopher Enem. The church dedication began with the blessing and sprinkling of water on the alter, round the church and on all the faithful present during the Mass.

In his homily after the readings which was taken from Nehemiah 8: 2-4a, 5-6, 8-10, Ephesians 2: 19-22 and the gospel from Matt 16: 13-19, the bishop likened the people of St Theresa Umuavulu-abor to the biblical Solomon who built a befitting temple of worship for the most high God. He reminded the faithful that the essence of building a church is to have a place where one can commune with God and as such, as the church is being dedicated, self-dedication is equally necessary. To that effect, admonished the Abor people that the dedication of the church should mark a stop to all the fetish practices such as Isi Nri-Akwa, Izu Afia Ozu and any practice that brings discrimination among the people in a community as these does not glorify God.

Other highlight of the events includes, Litany of the Saints, Anointing of the Alter and the walls of the church, Incensation of the alter and the church and Lighting of the alter and the church. Sacrament of confirmation was also bestowed on over 300 candidates in the parish. The grotto of Our Lady of Fatima was also dedicated by the Bishop. The parish also had a reception ceremony where everyone present had enough to eat and drink while enjoying the cultural display from the women of the parish and the students of St Theresa College Abor.

In a brief chat with the chairman, dedication committee, Dr. Offia, he expressed his joy and thanked God for giving St Theresa’s parish Rev. Msgr. Christopher Enem for a parish priest, who has helped the parish to grow both physically and spiritually. He also thanked the Bishop for coming to dedicate the church building. On the challenges encountered, he said “we had a challenge of limited time to get prepared for the coming of the Bishop but in all, I am happy that at the end of the day, everything went well and successful”.