Public Relations Commission

It is the duty of this Commission to:
i. Promote the good image of the Church to the world.

ii. Promote the Catholic understanding that the proclamation of salvation for man is inextricably bound with the advocacy for the dignity and freedom of man.

iii. Ensure that the State does not infringe on the rights of the Church, particularly her duty to promote the rights and dignity of man

iv. Ensure that the prophetic function of the Church to proclaim the fundamental moral values in a pluralistic society is performed by the clergy even in the midst of crisis, whether convenient or inconvenient.

v. Ensure that the Church does not take authoritarian stance on the economic and political issues on which Christians could be of differing views without prejudice to their faith.

vi. Promote collaboration between Church and State on issues which further the good man

vii. Explore the talents of individual believers or groups of believers in order to build on them to the advantage of the Church and that of the large social community.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Msgr. Chima Nwamadi Chairperson
2 Prof. George S. O. Amadi
3 Prof. S. O. Iloeje
4 Chief Chika Okpala
5 Mr. Anueyiagu
6 Mrs. Ogechi Nwodo
7 Barr. Mrs. Ngozi Chiboke

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