Priests' Welfare Commission

The objectives of this Commission shall include:
i. Providing for aged clerics by arranging for their accommodation, health care and feeding. The Commission shall ensure that there are people who will help them and that adequate financial provision is made for them.

ii. Arranging for further studies as part of the on-going formation for priests. Hence the commission should:

iii. know the areas of need in the diocese

iv. know the talents and inclinations of priests

v. set down objective standards for the selection of candidates for studies

vi. recommend priests for studies to the bishop

vii. see to the finance for this education

viii. liaise well with those studying

ix. scout for opportunity for securing scholarships within and outside the country

x. propose disciplinary measures for priests who flout diocesan policy on education

xi. Taking care of priests who are socially and psychologically maladjusted

xii. Ensuring the availability of proper health care for priests by

xiii. providing some sort of health insurance for priests

xiv. providing health enlightenment publications

xv. organizing priests’ holiday programmes/schedules

xvi. fostering active and concerned care for priests

xvii. Encouraging and promoting the charisms of priests.

xviii. Improving the living conditions of priests.

xix. Organizing seminars (of spiritual and academic nature) for priests and religious.

xx. Taking care of parents of deceased priests

xxi. Organizing the Jubilee Celebrations of diocesan priests

xxii. Investigating cases of priests who feel aggrieved or who flout the order of the diocese with view to possible reconciliation or recommending disciplinary actions where necessary.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Nnamdi A. Nwankwo Chairperson
2 Fr. Ozonwafor Raphael Member
3 Fr. Peter Chukwu Member
4 Fr. Ojiogu Michael Member
5 Fr. Aneke Marcellinus Member
6 Fr. Enebechi Theophilius Member
7 Fr. Alexander Ugwu Member

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