Pilgrimage Commission

The Commission shall:
i. See to the development and running of diocesan pilgrimage centres

ii. Study and possibly unify pilgrimage centres within the diocese

iii. Handle diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land

iv. Work with other Christians, within the State, towards national, Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

v. Take charge of any Diocesan delegations to national Catholic celebration or event e.g.

vi. Eucharistic Congress

vii. Marian Movement

viii. Holy Year Pilgrimages

ix. Provide enlightenment campaigns for proper Christian and Catholic attitude to private revelations and prayer grounds.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Victor Ubaka Chairman
2 Msgr. Anthony Okafor
3 Fr. Christian Nwatu Member
4 Mrs. Ethel Ezeabasili Nebo Member
5 Mrs. Regina Emehelu Member
6 Mrs. Uju Ejeagwu Member
7 Prince Cornelius Nnaji Member
8 Barr. Ada Odeh Member
9 Engr. Bernard Obi Member
10 Engr. Innocent Diyoke Member
11 Sir Tony Ugwuoke Member
12 Dr. Mrs. Chinwe Chukwuka Member
13 Prince Uche M. Ayalogu Member
14 Barr. Chioma Akusoba Member

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