Personal Coat of Arms

1. Motto: “Quaerens Dei Voluntatem”, (seeking the will of God at times and in every situation the will of God should be sought)

2. Coat of Arms:

Outside the usual Episcopal symbols visible in this coat of arms, three other personal symbols can be seen. These are:

1. Heart
2. Pair of Scales
3. Hills

The dove represents the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu.

2.1 Explanation

2.1.1. Heart:
Actually this symbol is the sacred Heart of Jesus. This is the Heart of love that forms the foundation of humanity and divinity. Love is at the basis of all relations, divine and human. Love as Jesus taught and lived out and as expressed in 1.Cor. 13 will inform our attitude in Enugu Diocese.

2.1.2 Pair of Scales:
This is the age old symbol of justice as can be seen in front of any court. God is just and the Church stands on the side of Justice and Truth. As much as is humanly possible, this concept of Justice and Truth will form the foundation of life and action in Enugu Diocese. Ps. 89. 14 states, “Your Kingdom is founded on righteousness and Justice O Lord!”.

2.1.3 Hill:
The name Enugu means “Top of the Hill”. On this Hill the Church in Enugu Diocese was instituted in incarnated in the spirit of the Second Vatican Coouncil. Inculturation in all aspects forms a necessary part of the apostolate in Enugu Diocese.

3. Colour:
The combination of the three colour, Green, White and Yellow represent the Vatican Flag and the Nigerian Flag.

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