Inculturation Commission

The Commission shall:
i. Maintain functional secretariat to study every aspect of our people's culture and study areas and means of inculturation and then make recommendations.

ii. Establish and co-ordinate parish units for inculturation outreach

iii. Take charge of the problems/misunderstandings that arise between Catholics and adherents of the Traditional Religion with a view to establishing peace and mutual understanding.

iv. Organize cultural competitions.

S/No. Name Portfolio Phone. No.
1 Fr. Joseph Ezechi Chairperson
2 Fr. Linus Okwu
3 Fr. Igbonekwu Jude
4 Chief Eddy Chukwuebere Member
5 Ikechukwu Ogbonna Member
6 Somtochukwu Aneke Member
7 Ogbuzru Eneh Member

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