Education Commission

The Commission shall:
i. Guarantee that chaplains are provided for the school and colleges in the Diocese.

ii. Push for the return of the schools taken from the Church by the State

iii. Seek to influence the appointment of principals and teachers to ensure that proper Catholic representation is guaranteed in government controlled schools.

iv. Set up government boards for schools fully owned by the Church and help to set up new schools.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Dr. Jude Nzekwe Chairman
2 Fr. Dr. Michael Okoh Member
3 Fr. Dr. Anthony Udengwu Member
4 Msgr. Evaristus Nwamadi Member
5 Prof. Christian Anieke Member
6 Msgr. Tobias Anichebe Member
7 Mr. Nath Onyia
8 Mrs. Patricia Ofonabo

Ex-officio Members
9 Fr. Hilary Mgbodile Principal, CIC
10 Sr. Angela Igwe Principal HRC

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