Diocesan Coat of Arms

It is our intention to introduce the Diocesan Coat of Arms which can be used independent of the personal Episcopal Coat of Arms.

Outside the three symbols of Cross (Authority and Autonomy) in the Enugu Diocesan Coat of Arms two symbols are very prominent viz:

1. Dove:
The Dove is always the symbol of the Holy Spirit. This symbol is taken from the name of the Diocesan Cathedral Church which is the seat of the Diocese. Our Cathedral is called “Holy Ghost Cathedral”. The Diocese is dedicated to the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. In Enugu Diocese, Love and Wisdom are the guiding principle.

2. Hills:
Enugu Diocese is situated on a hill. “A City situated on a hill cannot be hidden,” Matt 5.14. This true of the Diocese. Inculturation is a sine qua non in Enugu Diocese

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