Biblical Apostolate Commission

Commission co-ordinates all the biblical groups/associations in the diocese and works for the correct interpretation of the Scriptures according to Catholic tradition. This Commission is guided by the words of Christ in Matt. 28:19-20 "Go to all nations and proclaim the Good news". The commission does the followings:

i. Undertakes a systematic study of the Bible and its interpretation in the light of Catholic tradition and the signs of the times, especially as it touches inculturation. This is pursued by setting up Bible study groups in the Zones, Parishes and Deaneries.

ii. Ensures that Annual Bible Week is celebrated diocese-wide.

iii. Liaises with the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) group to ensure that Catechism Instruction is held through the breadth and width of the diocese.

iv. Endeavours to take over moral instructions and Catholic teachings in our schools by fostering dialogue with the State Education Management Boards aimed at asserting the right authority of the Church in moral issues.

S/No. Name Portfolio
1 Fr. Damian Udechukwu Chairperson
2 Fr. Anthony Udengwu
3 Fr. Celestine Nwogbu Secretary
4 Fr. Chinedu Akilo Member
5 Bro. Paul Ani Member
6 Bro. Militus Ukagha Member
7 Bro. Kenneth Anyadiugwu Member

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